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Domain RegistrationPakistan

Get a web address that tells the world what you do. New TLDs available now: .club, .today, .email, .guide and many more.

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TLD Min Period Registration Renewal
.com 1 Year Rs1000 Rs1000 Register
.net 1 Year Rs1100 Rs1100 Register
.org 1 Year Rs1100 Rs1100 Register
.info 1 Year Rs1100 Rs1100 Register
.biz 1 Year Rs1100 Rs1100 Register
.tv 1 Year Rs4700 Rs4700 Register
.mobi 1 Year Rs1100 Rs1100 Register
.website 1 Year Rs3000 Rs3000 Register
.name 1 Year Rs1700 Rs1700 Register
.in 1 Year Rs1000 Rs1000 Register
.ws 1 Year Rs5000 Rs5000 Register
.xyz 1 Year Rs1500 Rs1500 Register

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Register and choose from over 320 different domain name like PK, US, Asia , EU, Company domain names…and many more!

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Every domain includes

  • Managed DNS at no additional cost.
  • ICANN compliance guaranteed, including registrant validation.
  • Search tools like Name Suggestion and Premium Domains.
  • A 50% share of net advertising revenues ~ Domain Parking Program

Contact Privacy

Contact Privacy hides the identity of a Registrant when a user does a WHOIS lookup on that Registrant’s domain. The benefit of having Contact Privacy is that the Registrant’s identity, including home address, phone number, and email address, is shielded from spammers, identity thieves and scammers.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the topic

Domain Registration

How do I register a domain name with PAKHOSTERS?

As either a new or existing customer, registering a new domain name with PAKHOSTERS couldn’t be simpler. First, take advantage of our domain name search to make sure your domain name isn’t already in use. Once you’ve found a unique domain name for your website, it’s time to choose the right hosting package from our range of competitive options. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a basic plan or an entrepreneur seeking a powerful and comprehensive webhosting experience, we’ve got the hosting package you’re looking for. After you’ve made your choice, fill in your personal information and payment details when prompted — the information you share during each domain registration stays securely between PAKHOSTERS and you. As an existing customer, you can always add new domains by visiting your Client Area and clicking ‘add new domain’ from the domains drop-down menu; then you can use a domain name search to find the perfect domain name and hosting package to meet your needs.

How do I choose a great domain name?

Finding the right domain name is an important step for building a website people will want to come back to again and again. Luckily, PAKHOSTERS domain name search is there to help you at this critical stage. Simply enter your preferred domain name into the tool and see whether it is currently in use. The handy thing about PAKHOSTERS domain name search is that if your chosen domain name is already taken, you’ll get a list of alternatives that may not have come to mind on your first try. The domain name registration process at PAKHOSTERS is quick, efficient and will maximize your creativity. In choosing perfect domains, it’s best to stay unique and informative so visitors know what to expect from your website. If you want to enjoy complete control of your website’s image, then taking advantage of PAKHOSTERS multitude of domain endings will certainly help. Push your site ahead of the competition by helping search engines and visitors recognize what you do at first glance. With your new domain name, it’s best to avoid intentional misspellings that could confuse people who want to return to your website. Also, as a legal precaution, it’s best to avoid using company names or those of public figures in your domain name. With PAKHOSTERS you’ll be sure to find a good domain name to launch your next successful website.

How can I transfer an existing domain name to PAKHOSTERS?

We make it easy for you to move your domains to PAKHOSTERS, so you can start enjoying the benefits of our affordable hosting services right away. We understand that you don’t want to lose your unique domain name or the hard work you’ve already put into your website — that’s why we make every domain name registration or transfer hassle free. Start by selecting a hosting package from our website that best matches your needs, then enter your existing domain name into the domain checker. At this point, you will be informed that your domain already exists; simply select ‘transfer’ and then enter the authentication code you received from your former provider. Make sure you have created backups of all your site’s files, plus any databases or email accounts with your former domain provider before you initiate the transfer, as this data will not transfer automatically with the domain. Also, you should copy your previous DNS settings and subdomains with that domain. There’s no rush- as an existing PAKHOSTERS customer you can easily transfer your domain from another provider at any time.