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VPS hosting in pakistan

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Our state-of-the-art Linux SSD VPS Hosting servers come equipped with an arsenal of features.

  • Powerful, simple api
  • SSD high performance
  • OpenStack powered

Managed VPS Hosting built for speed and scalability.

Built for speed, and ideal simple websites or complex web apps, cPanel and other hosting control panels.

A fusion between hardware & software

Solid layered technology

Every VPS Server comes with superfast CPU, RAM, Hard Disks and a low price. If price and speed are your main requirements our VPS Servers are for you.

  • 99.9% network uptime and our 30 day moneyback guarantee
  • More than 8000 clients have made Pakhosters their web hosting home
  • Our world-class data center is the perfect hosting solution for your site
  • SSD providing incredible levels of performance for your websites

More vCPU, more RAM and more SSD-Based Storage, all delivered within 90 seconds.

Our VPS Performance plans

  • Affordable & Abundant Dedicated Resources

    • 4 CPU Cores
    • 4 GB Guaranteed RAM
    • 100 GB Disk Space
    Economy Plan

    Rs1995/First month


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  • Affordable & Abundant Dedicated Resources

    • 16 CPU Cores
    • 16 GB Guaranteed RAM
    • 300 GB Disk Space
    Ultimate plan

    Rs4795/First month


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Consistently Fast Page Loads

Blazing fast performance

Practical and Flexible

The optimized and complimentary stack components (operating system, web server, database, scripting language or applications) are configured to match your usage profile. All components are automatically installed and managed by Pakhosters. Scale resources anytime as your need changes by adjusting CPUs, RAM and storage space, with by-the-minute billing. We offer convenience and maximum flexibility for your projects.

Intelligent and future-proof

Depending on the package chosen, you can now operate up to 99 projects simultaneously. Resources are automatically allocated to ensure top performance for each one at all times. If your project requires more resources, you can easily scale up at any time. You'll always benefit from maximum performance and optimal resource utilization for your projects, both now and in the future.

Best high-availability VPS with powerful features

  • High-Availability

    Real-time Redundancy

  • Free cPanel license

    Industry-leading control panel

  • Secure Email

    Access Email from Any Device

  • Free Backups

    Others Charge, We Don't!

  • 90-Day Money Back

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Managed Hosting

    Advanced Server Optimization

  • High-Availability

    Real-time Redundancy

  • Max Speed Server

    Choose Your Data Center

Available in all packages

With 24/7/365 management by the Pakhosters team, you'll never need to worry about OS maintenance.

  • Free SSL security
  • 24x7x365 support team
  • Root access
  • Super fast, high reliability
  • Global Datacenters
  • Deploy on demand
  • 1 Free dedicated IPs

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the topic

VPS Hosting in Pakistan

What is a VPS Hosting?

Servers are powerful computer systems for hosting, which host websites or software apps so multiple users can access them at once. Like other computers, servers have certain performance characteristics, for example, the memory, the hard drive and the power of the processors. A virtual server, also known as a vServer or VPS (Virtual Private Server), works according to the same principle. However, a virtual server does not use dedicated hardware, like a hard drive or CPU, rather it accesses one or more parts of certain hardware resources. This means a VPS has some performance characteristics that differ from those of a physical server. For example, the virtual hard drive capacity can be spread over various hard drives, or only use a part of a physical hard drive.

When should I move to VPS hosting?

If you’re outgrowing your shared web hosting or simply want more control, a managed or fully managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the next logical choice for your hosting needs. It gives you more freedom with root access to Apache and PHP, plus you can install an SSL certificate, as well as any type of software – all without the responsibility of a dedicated server.

On a shared server, you rely on the performance of the platform provided. By choosing VPS, you get to select a configuration best suited for your applications, requirements and growth.

What projects is a VPS Hosting best suited to?

The VPS Hosting from Pakhosters are ideal for small to medium sized agencies that regularly create or monitor websites for their clients. They are also suitable for the web hosting of the internet presence of freelancers or small businesses. As all our virtual server solutions have full root or administrator access, small to medium sized online shops can also be hosted using them, depending on the complexity of the shop system used, number of products and customer traffic to the page. The root access also makes our virtual server hosting an affordable option for telephone systems, database applications and mail servers. The fast external connection to the internet ensures that accessing your website or application is problem-free. The exchange of data is not limited, no matter how much data you upload or access from your servers – the connection capacity remains high. You have a choice between Linux and Windows as operating systems for your Virtual Private Server. Which variation of the respective system you choose is up to you. This allows our affordable virtual private server (VPS) to support many different applications and hosting purposes. Even though our servers are affordable, we exclusively work with the newest brand hardware and place great emphasis on security and reliability. The Pakhosters virtual cloud server uses the virtualisation solution KVM for its middleware. Choose the right size for your project from our many different packages. These cheap VPS are suitable for beginners, but also for more demanding projects, like database applications.

How do I upgrade my VPS Hosting?

You can upgrade your VPS Hosting at any time, directly from your control panel. Your entire system (OS, software, settings) is saved; you don't need to make any changes. Once you select a plan, the upgrade happens automatically within minutes.

Who can use VPS hosting?

Anybody with some technical skills, especially if you opt for managed VPS. Required admin skills include access, file transfer and configuration. We continue to develop more tools and features that will make it even easier to manage your server environment.

How do I migrate my web hosting contents to a VPS Hosting?

If you’re a current Pakhosters cPanel shared hosting customer, you can select one-click migration to VPS hosting to import your sites, then simply re-direct DNS (managed or fully managed plans only). We also provide a paid migration service. Otherwise, it's up to you to migrate your data and applications onto the VPS and reconfigure the DNS.